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Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Address: 14 Paris Str, fl.: 1
Region: Downtown
Estate type: Commercial estates
Total number of premises: 4
Area: 500 sq. m / 5380 sq. ft.
Rent: 1600 
phone:  +359 2 948 75 70
Car service with car wash and office area in Downtown, near to Sofia opera.
The property is provided with no equipment.
The offer price is without VAT.

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Raiko Alexiev Str.
Region: Iztok b.c.
Type: Garage
Rent: 60 € per month
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17, Frederic Joliot Currie Str., build.2, ap.29
Region: Iztok b.c.
Type: Apartments
Bedrooms: 3
Area: 173 sq. m / 1861 sq. ft.
Rent: 1050 € per month
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1, Al.Zhendov Str., ap.41
Region: Geo Milev b.c.
Type: Apartments
Bedrooms: 3
Area: 177 sq. m / 1905 sq. ft.
Rent: 800 € per month
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