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Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Address: R.Alexiev Str., build.215, ap.10, fl.: 4
Region: Iztok b.c.
Estate type: Apartments
Heating: Central heating
Phone: Yes
Area: 177 sq. m / 1905 sq. ft.
Rent: 1150   per month
Bedrooms: 3
Parking: Underground garage garage lot for rent
phone:  + 359 2 971 45 50
mobile phone:  +359 882 177 719
The apartment is a property of ADIS Real Estate! No commission!
Spacious furnished apartment situated in an excellent maintained residential building on communicative place.
Living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, study, full bathroom, WC, walk-in closet

Monthly rental price includes:

*Apartment use expenses:

  • emergency maintenance
  • cable TV (70 channels)
  • local security system
**Expenses for the common areas:
  • 24-hour doorman
  • lift charges
  • cleaning and power supply for the lounge areas
***Optional services:
  • Internet access
  • option for leasing a parking lot or garage cell in secure garages and parking lots
This property is offered in accordance to the regulations on the Law on State Property of Republic of Bulgaria.

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